A Fitness Studio Specializing in Mobility, Strength, And Vitality For Beginners, Baby Boomers, and Retirees So They Can Enjoy Better Functionality and Health!

Finally, A  Fitness Studio 
Designed Just For You!

A Local Fitness Studio Specializing in Baby Boomers, Beginners, and Retired Professionals.

Fitness Revolution Brookfield Can Make Feel Your Younger Self
No Matter Your Age!

As Featured In:

Mary and Terry Testimonials

Mary increases her strength, and loves to train now!                                                   Terry is active and fit at 75 with only two workouts a week!


Our low-impact, high-efficiency workouts improve balance, strengthen muscles and boost energy levels.  We focus on a holistic lifestyle with gradual but continuous progression in results.

We work at your pace and strive to improve your health so you can better enjoy socializing, traveling, playing with your grandchildren and “living life.”

What You Get From Us

No Screaming  Trainers

Compassionate Coaching

Private, Quiet Studio

No crazy dangerous exercises

Individualized Plans Focused On You

14 Years of full-time Training Experience

Coaching Developed  Over 20,000 Training Sessions

Online Education For Free

 Maximal Results Minimal Time

Schedule your Complimentary Fitness and Wellness Strategy Session

$200 Value For Free

Why Choose Us?

  • Feel younger
  • Have More Energy
  • Have More Functionality
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Long Term Results
  • Live A Better Quality of Life
  • Progress Slowly And Safely
  • Improve Balance And Stability
  • Save Time….One to Three 30 minute sessions per week
  • Specializing In 40 plus Crowd
  • Lifestyle Focused 
  • Judgement Free Studio 

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Fitness Revolution Brookfield is not just a great place for fitness training. I believe it has opened my eyes to a new life. I have a new vitality through increased fitness, nutritional coaching, and lifestyle design. With the application of the coaching principles, I believe it has saved my life and made me feel ten years younger. A quality programmed based on proven principles is well worth the investment in my golden years!


   Before I could hardly walk my dog with hip and back pain. Now walking is pain-free. When I first started, I was concerned because I’m out of shape and didn’t want to fall behind or get berated. The reality is that Jeremy is very good at working with me within my health issues. I feel great when my sessions are over and look forward to coming each time. I highly recommend Jeremy Belter and Fitness Revolution of Brookfield.”                         


 My wife and I have been training with Jeremy Belter for approximately 1-1/2 years. We are part of the baby boomer and older market. Jeremy has been amazing for us! Every workout is SAFE, yet still challenging, fun and results oriented. Jeremy truly cares about his clients and really wants them to be successful whatever their goals. We have noticed increased strength, better balance and increased energy. The short, ½ hour, high intensity workouts, a few times a week fit into our schedule easily. Jeremy also has helped us with his nutrition knowledge. His guidance has helped us to a healthier diet. Finally Jeremy has suggested other professionals that help us with our overall health.

Terry P


About The Owner 

Serial Entrepreneur, Fitness Studio Owner, Physical trainer and Fitness Coach, Specializing in coaching baby boomers, retired professionals and beginners.

Experienced, versatile fitness coach dedicated to helping people achieve peak performance and health through targeted metabolic training. Veteran of more than 15,000 training sessions whose approach emphasizes resistance training to boost metabolic rate, lose weight and gain strength and speed. Knowledgeable in performance nutrition and customizing workouts to achieve maximum results in targeted windows of time.

Former college athlete who has worked with top performers including former Miss Basketball 2012, Division 1 recruit Reed Timmer, former Olympic athletes, former college athletes, business owners and executives, baby boomers and retired professionals.  

Passionate, caring, dedicated entrepreneur with unbridled enthusiasm for helping and coaching others. All activities guided by Christian values and philosophy of continual progressive improvement, recognizing individual achievements that build up teams and entire communities.

Education And Experience 

  • Amazon Best Selling Author of Rise Above: 8 Portraits of Life Transformation
  • Fundraising and Workouts Against Child Abuse Shown On Fox 6
  • Graduate of Wisconsin Luther College Bachelor of Science Degree
  • 20,000 plus training sessions
  • Owner of Fitness Revolution Brookfield
  • Certified fitness professional for over 14 years
  • Certified in Metabolic Training
  • Certified in Performance Nutrition
  • Certified in Kettbells from Kettlebell Athletics
  • CPR and AED certified
  • Former NCAA  basketball and baseball player
  • Resistance Band Certified
  • Corporate Boot Camp Systems Certification
  • Action Coach of Elmgrove Client
  • Over 40 Online Courses 
  • Fundraising and Workouts Against Child Abuse
  • 12 Five Stars On Thumbtack

Another Happy Client

"I recently started working out with Jeremy and appreciate his approach to personal training. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of health and fitness and is eager to help find the root of any obstacles getting in the way of your success. He customizes a realistic plan that fits easily into your lifestyle and fitness level, with an emphasis on injury prevention. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to become healthier and more fit." Karen K

I look forward to your transformation,

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All New Members Receive This Amazing Guarantee

90 Day Money Back/Train Somewhere Else Guarantee 

Or Work With Us Free Until You See Results

Train and get coaching for your goals as long as 90 days and If within those 90 days you are not seeing noticeable results in your health and fitness or think you have a better long term solution....... 

We will refund your money and get you started with a competitor by calling them and using part of that 90 day money back guarantee to pay them and give you the difference or we will personally tweak your program to improve results and train you for one month....free.  Please note you must make 90% of your sessions and comply with nutrition and lifestyle changes.  We believe that is fair!