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Answers to common questions about Fitness Revolution Brookfield!

Question:  How can I get started?

Answer:  Reserve a free week by clicking here.  After the week, if it is the right fit for both parties, we will present you with a couple of options to continue.

Question: What makes Fitness Revolution Brookfield unique?

Answer:  Fitness Revolution Brookfield is unique in many ways:

  • Programs are designed with a music technology that allows for camp to be run much easier, more efficiently, and with better results in half the time of tradition workouts.
  • Team unity that is brought to the group by everyone.  We are all on the same mission.
  • The amount of time it takes (30 mins, 2 or 3 times a week).
  • Goal setting and achieving.
  • Nutrition coaching and education.
  • Assessment, injury recovery, and overall performance education.
  • Different types of equipment including dumbbells, pull up/dip machine, bands, kettlebells, sleds, ropes, and more
  • The last and possibly the most important is the 100% Rock Solid money back guarantee along with a success coaching session and FREE TRIAL that is risk free.
  • Bands, body weight, isometrics, cardio intervals, and many metabolic workouts are available to members.
  • Metabolism improvements that ultimately keeps fat off forever.

For more information about the Fitness Revolution Franchise please click here.

Question: Is this just like any other group workout?

Answer: Short answer is no.  These metabolic training classes are not a walk in the park but we have had all ages from all ages and abilities train at Fitness Revolution Brookfield. There is not going to be any military guy/gal yelling and breaking you down. Instead Fitness Revolution Brookfield workouts are challenging with positive reinforcement given.  Fitness Revolution Brookfield is about building a person up physically, psychologically, and socially. We are dedicated to finding out how YOU can become YOUR best over time.

Question: What is the investment amount?

Answer: First, sign up for the one week free trial HERE . For those that want to make sure it fits into a budget, the minimum investment is as low as $99 a month for one time a week training, if this does not fit into what you are willing to invest for your health and fitness than this is not a good fit for you.  We believe you will not find better value for the training.

Question: What do I need to get started?


  • Sign up and schedule a success coaching session and week of classes.
  • Complete paperwork and bring to your coaching session.
  • A coaching mindset and openness to a new philosophy.
  • A positive attitude!  Be ready to be part of a team that is on a mission to be the best local solution for long health and fitness

Question: Do you focus on nutrition?

Answer:  Of course we do…..nutrition is very important. Both nutrition and supplementation are an integral part of health, fitness, and fat loss.  Supplementation is through Prograde Nutrition and I recommend these products to all of my campers and clients!  We recommend Personal Trainer Food for everyone as well.

Question: How much weight will I lose?

Answer:  FAT LOSS is different than weight loss.  Losing weight is easy, losing fat and staying trim for life is different.  If someone needed to lose a lot of weight by starving for a week and do a ton of cardio, but this is not a long term solution. (DO NOT DO THIS).  One of the the biggest myths in the weight loss industry today is that people should stop eating (or restrict to really low calories) and do more exercise.  Yes, you need to be at a reasonable calorie level and, yes, you need to exercise but the right way to lose FAT is different than losing weight.

Question: Why should I follow your plan rather than do something easier like a fad diet, buy a health club membership, buy some equipment, or some other option where work is not involved?

Answer:We are firm believers that when the student is ready, the coach will be there to help.  It sounds cliche but it is true.  When you are ready to learn and act upon how to get in the best shape of your life creating the ability to lose fat forever, then you have come to correct place.  If you are looking for a quick fix and are not open minded or willing to be coached this is not the place for you.  However if you are:

Question: What are other clients are saying about Fitness Revolution?

Answer:  After a recent camper survey, some of the things that people like most about these camps are

  • Short 30 minute workouts
  • Results in just a few hours a week
  • Social support and team atmosphere
  • Variety and structure of the workouts
  • Education and professional instruction
  • Tips and truths about how to lose fat
  • Several time slots but classes and group training are almost completely full.

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Question: What is the mission and philosophy of Fitness Revolution Brookfield?

Answer:   There are 5 basic principles ingrained into Fitness Revolution Brookfield:

1.  Honesty
It is important that we tell you the truth with fat loss; what works and does not.  For example, can you lose weight through long duration cardio and eating less.  The answer is yes but is it the best way?  No it is not.  Sometimes honesty can suck but the truth is that we want you to succeed and we will be honest with what it takes and how to go about losing fat for life.

2.  Intense Focused Work (Quality not Quantity)
It is becoming more apparent that there is no magic solution out there.  If it works short term that does not mean it is going to work long term.  For Example: There is a fad diet that will remain nameless.  They would only eat 500 to 1000 calories and of course a person will lose weight doing that, but what have they done to their metabolism?  We focus on lifestyle changes and continual improvements.

Our goal is to make your time with Fitness Revolution Brookfield worth 10 times the actual cost.  As we grow, we will continue to serve you and give as much value as possible.  We want our training to be a safe haven where you can reach your fitness and/or weight loss goals.

4.  Relationship
We understand that people (our campers) are important.  Some fitness companies just want to make money, but we are dedicated to growing relationships first, then growing financially as a product of helping so many people.

5.  Philanthropy
We are constantly striving for new ways to raise money for charity along with giving a percentage of all revenue to different not for profit companies.  In the community and nationwide we have helped Waukesha Women’s Center, Hunger Task Force, Star Cares Fund, Haws of Waukesha, American Heart Association, and many others!

Ultimately, we do our best to run business by the Golden Rule found in the Bible.