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Transforming, Educating and Empowering Clients’ Minds And Bodies to Think, Look, and Perform More Like An Athlete Through Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fitness Changes!


Our mission is to minimize exercise time but maximize results with each client we work with.


1.  Workouts should be short only 30 minutes with progression in intensity over a lifetime.

2.  Nutrition should be supportive in the goals you have set.

3.  Recovery and rest are the most misunderstood facts in the health and fitness world and should be taken seriously.

4.  Workouts should have variety and be focused on strength, power, speed, mobility, flexibility, conditioning, and balance.

5.  Weight (Fat) Loss and toning (getting lean) is a byproduct of eating healthier, workout progressions, recovery, and overall lifestyle improvements.

6. Smart but hard work, accountability, coaching, consistency, action, positive habits, lifestyle, and wanting to change are all keys to a transformation.

7.   A person should get healthier to get more fit not the the other way around.